About Us

Virtual Mining is a community of miners and buyers of cryptomining hashing power. It provides an easy-to-use mining rig rental service. Sellers list their rigs for rental at competitive prices and buyers choose a rig they want and rent it.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the best marketplace for leasing and renting the hashpower of cryptomining rigs. We strive to build a reliable, easy-to-use, dependable service for both rig owners and buyers of hashpower. We endeavaour to keep up with the time: grow as the mining community grows and change as the mining hashpower market changes. Providing customer satisfaction and deserving the trust of our customers is our motto.

Our Highlights

Worldwide coverage

Sell or buy mining hashpower from anywhere around the globe

24/7 availability

Our service is available round-the-clock with no limitations.

You are in control

Sellers set the rig rental prices they want. Buyers choose the rigs they like and the rental time.

Premium support

Our support team always takes to heart all problems you may encounter using our service. Feel free to send us a support request.

Precise rental payments

There is no overcharging. Buyers pay only for the actually provided rental time and hashpower.

Easy to pay and get paid

What is better than to pay and get paid for cryptomining than in cryptocurrency?


Our team is composed of professional miners, IT developers and businessmen. Ours is a highly motivated team apt for providing the best marketplace for leasing and renting of mining hashpower.