Sellers Guide

Withdrawing Funds

To withdraw Bitcoin funds from your account, you need to open the Balance page by choosing Balance from the Account menu. The Balance field there displays the amount available for withdrawal. The Pending Balance shows the amount that will become available for withdrawal once all the current or ended rentals are closed without refunds. They are usually closed within 12 hours after the rental end.

Before you can get a payout, you need to setup the payout address to which the funds will be sent. You may do it at the Account Settings page available if you choose Settings from the Account menu. You need to specify a correct address in the BTC Payout Address field. Please double check that you entered the correct address in that field! If you specified an incorrect address, the funds will go from your account and you will never will be able to recover them! Virtual Mining is not responsible for any loss of your cryptocurrency resulting from your incorrect entering of the payout address. You may also enter a line describing your payout address in the BTC Payout Address Label field. This description is only to remind you of the address meaning.

Payout Transaction Fee field shows the fee that will be deducted from your account at each payout. This fee covers the cryptocoin network transaction fee and other payout processing costs. To request a withdrawal (payout), click Request Payout button on the Balance page. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw in the Amount field or click Set Max if you want to withdraw all the funds from your account. The Total Payout field displays the actual amount that will be deducted from your account upon successful payout including the payout transaction fee. After you verified that both the amount and payout address are correct, press Withdraw button to start the payout process.

Usually the payout process takes no more than 24 hours after the payout request. After that it is needed some time (usually no more than a few hours) for cryptocoin network to process and accept your payout transaction.