Buyers Guide

Tracking Rental Progress

After you finished the rental reservation process, you are shown the Rental Details page where you can review and track your rental process. To open Rental Details page later, choose My Rentals from the For Buyers menu and click the Rental ID. It is recommended to track the rental status at least immediately after rental start to make sure that you entered your pool information correctly and the pool is online.

The Rental Details page has the following tabs:

  • General tab . The most important pieces of information here are:
    • Status -  displays the rental status . The initial status is Not Started which should shortly change to Started after the rig is switched to your pools
    • Progress - displays the percentage of total rental time elapsed since the rental start
    • Started - the time the rental actually started at
    • End Time - the time the rental ends at
    • Advertised Hashrate - the hashrate advertised by the rig owner
    • Average Hashrate - the actual average hashrate realized during this rental so far as calculated by Virtual Mining system
    • Shares - the number of shares produced so far by the rig during the rental and contributed to your pool
    • Rig Status - the status of the rig. If it is not Online , it means there is a problem with the rig and you perhaps should contact a rig owner
    • Pool Status - the status of the pool. If it is not Connected , it means that there is a problem with the pool. You should either resolve this problem by contacting the pool owner or change the pool or setup backup pools to provide redundancy.
  • Statistics tab. It displays two graphs:
    • Live hashrate - this is the real online hashrate data for the last 15 minutes as calculated by Virtual Mining. There are several moving averages displayed here: 5 min, 10min, 30 min, and 60 min averages. There is also advertised hashrate line displayed here. It is useful to compare the real hashrate graphs with this line. However, as rig share rate depends on luck, you should allow to pass at least two hours of rental time in order to conclude that the rig is really underperforming
    • Historical hashrate - this is the archived hashrate data as calculated by Virtual Mining for the whole or a part of rental period.
  • Rental Transactions - financial transactions associated with this rental;
  • Log - list of important rental events;
  • Communication - here you may communicate with the rig owner regarding the rental progress or problems.

Editing Rig Pools

It is possible to change the pool the rented rig mines to or to add backup pools during the rental. Just choose My Rentals from the For Buyers menu and click Edit Pools button.