General User Guide


We have a ticket-based support system. Whenever you have a question, a problem, a dispute or just a suggestion, feel free to open a support ticket and let us know about it. Our qualified support operators will answer your questions and strive to resolve your problem as soon as possible.

To open a ticket, login to Virtual Mining, choose Support from the user menu and click Create New Ticket button. Please specify as much information as possible choosing a relevant rig or rental and category from dropdown lists, entering a subject and stating your question or problem. Once you create a ticket, it appears on the Open tab of Support page. Click on the ticket number to see your ticket messages and our responses. When you get a response from us, you will receive a copy of it to your e-mail as well. You may reply to our responses or add a message at any time with Add Message button.

After your problem is resolved, click Close Ticket button to close it. If you decide later to re-open a ticket later, you may do it at any time by opening a ticket from Closed tab of Support page and adding a new message there.

If you are not a member of Virtual Mining community and want to contact us with some question, use Contact Us link instead of a support ticket.