Buyers Guide

Renting a Rig

When you have chosen a rig to rent, click Rent Now button to start rig reservation process.

On the first page you need to specify the time you want to rent the rig for. You may do it in two ways. Either enter the time directly and you will see the amount you have to pay for this time. Or, alternatively, you may enter the amount you wish to spend on the rental, and the system calculates the time corresponding to that amount automatically based on the rig price.

On the next page you need to enter the information of the pool to which the rented rig will be mining to. You should get this connection information from the pool's website. If you previously added the pool to the My Pools list, you may quickly pick the pool information by clicking the Choose a Pool button. You may specify a primary pool and up to four backup pools which your rig will be connected to when the primary pool is not available. It is highly recommended that you double check that you entered the pool information correctly and specified backup pools. If rental time is wasted because of wrong pool information or due to your primary pool being offline, you are not refunded for this time. So please specify at least a single backup pool to guarantee that your purchased rental time is fully used and not wasted even if your primary pool goes offline.

After you specified the pools, press Rent Now button and after confirmation and system checks, your rental starts and you may track its progress.