Buyers Guide

Refund Policy

In case a rented rig underperforms during your rental, we provide an accurately calculated refund. The refund is calculated as a difference between the real amount you paid at rental order for the advertised hashrate and the amount you would have paid for the actually fulfilled average hashrate as displayed on the General tab of Rental Details page.

Due to the luck factor involved at rig rentals, we allow the rental average hashrate to drop up to 8 percent before the refund is issued automatically. If the actual average hashrate drops for less than 8 percent, and you want a refund, you need to open a rental dispute ticket within 12 hours after the rental end for manual rental review. We'll review your claim, and may issue you a refund depending on the dispute resolution outcome. It is not possible to get a refund after this 12 hours period as the rental is closed by then, and the funds are actually transferred to the seller.

If the actual average hashrate drops for 8 percent or more, the refund is usually issued automatically within 12 hours after the rental end. If the rig performed as advertised or with a higher hashrate, the rental is also closed automatically without any refund within 12 hours after the rental end. 

In any case, Virtual Mining service fee is non-refundable.