Sellers Guide

Listing a Rig

Before buyers can rent your rigs, you need to list them in Virtual Mining catalogue. After that buyers will be able to find your rigs in the catalogue and rent them.

To list your rig, you need to choose My Rigs from the For Sellers menu and click Create New button. Then you need to fill in a form, the most important fields being:

  • Name - this is the unique name under which your rig will be known in the system. You may provide a short rig description here
  • Algorithm - choose an algorithm your rig is capable to mine
  • Rental Status - this field specifies if the rig is available for renting. It is recommended to set this field to Available and set a reasonable price so that your rig can be rented and bring you extra profit
  • Advertised Hashrate - this is your advertised hashrate shown to buyers before they rent your rig. It is an important parameter affecting rental cost calculation. Provide a realistic value in this field corresponding to long range average hashrate of your rig based on your experience. Do not set this value too high as it will make your rig appear to systematically underperform regarding its advertised hashrate and cause frequent rental disputes and refunds to the buyers. Do not set this value too low either because it will always provide extra hashpower to buyers free of charge
  • Minimum and Maximum Hours - these fields designate the admissible rental time interval
  • Price - this is the price you want to sell your rig hashpower for. Pay attention to the price unit displayed there. For example, if it is BTC/MHASH/DAY, it means the amount you'll get for a 1 day rental per each 1,000,000 hash/s of your rig hashpower. If your rig advertised hashrate is, for instance, 10 MHash/s, you will get 10 times as much for a 1 day rental of your rig. Amounts you earn for a shorter or longer periods than 1 day are calculated on pro rata basis. For example, for 2 days rental of a 10 MHash/s rig, you will get 20 times as much as this price value
  • Rig Description - you may add a verbose description of your rig that will be displayed on the Rig Details page
  • Pool Configuration - this is the pool your rig will be mining to when it is not rented. You may specify a primary pool and up to four backup pools to which your rig will be connected when the primary pool is not available. This is an added benefit of mining via Virtual Mining as our servers switch your rig to the next available pool automatically if the current pool is not available. Thus you may minimize rig idle time even when some pools go offline. The order of priority in this pool list is from top to the bottom, i.e. when your rig connects to Virtual Mining servers, its traffic is directed to the first pool in the list. If it is not available, the Virtual Mining servers try the second pool in the list and so on in a round robin fashion. If you use the same pools for multiple rigs, it is recommended to add them to the My Pools list to quickly recall their information with the Choose button.

Once you created your rig, you need to connect it to Virtual Mining servers.