San Antonio Crypto Network comes on board

Thursday 07 May 2015

Alex Eaton heads up the San Antonio Crypto Network, and is BitScan’s latest Agent. We talk to Alex to find out what he’s been up to and what the partnership with BitScan means for his business.

What is your background?

I served seven years in the Army worked my way from Private to Sergeant and was honorably discharged in 2012. Those seven years were spent as an Army Medic where I was sent to Iraq and surrounding areas. Upon my return, I worked in an Army optometrist office, helped managed a physician’s office, and my final position was shadowing and transitioning disabled and high risk soldiers as they were being discharged.


l am getting certified in A+, Networking+, and Security+ through the Transition Training Academy™ (TTA), a hands-on Wounded Warrior program helping Veterans learn information-technology (IT). I also attend the University of Phoenix, where I will receive my B.S. in Business in 2015. I currently teach all things Crypto from the History of Bitcoin, Mining, and What the Blockchain can do for the future located in San Antonio, TX

When did you found SACN, and why?

I founded SACN in late 2014 with my two partners Ed Clements and Andres Gonzalez, simply to become a one-stop destination to empower individuals and businesses by teaching them how to transact using digital currencies.

What needs do you serve and what kinds of initiatives have you worked on to date?

We serve individuals and any form of business from brick and motor, e-commerce, farmers markets, and one-off services. We have had three main initiatives so far, not counting everyday integration operations.

  • Our meetup campaign where we go to any and all – business, entrepreneur, start-up, or networking meetup – and showcase bitcoin.
  • San Antonio has a huge farmers market every Saturday. I believe we will have tons of success showing the vendors the properties of bitcoin.
  • The simplest, I love change tip. We are giving out change tip donations to anyone that comes to our FB page and likes. Otherwise just random donations spread around San Antonio business pages.

What are the main benefits you see of a crypto-based economy

1.To give the power of a bank to the unbanked.

2.The future of Decentralized Autonomous Corporations (DACs) that cannot be corrupted by the unethical.

3.The amazing ideas that flourish in the crypto-based atmosphere

How did you hear about BitScan/Love + Bitcoin, and what prompted you to come on board as an Agent?

My partners Ed and Andres had been searching for a toolkit that we could use to easily set up anyone with crypto, regardless of their business needs. We believe we may have found that in Bitscan. Love+Bitcoin was a bonus that may enable us to bring on more staff by creating more incentives.

How do you see these tools as furthering your core business?

Our main problem was finding a the best way highlight the businesses that we connect to our network. It’s one thing to set up a wallet for a business through BitPay, it’s another to place them on a directory as well as giving them a marketplace to sell to the world. It’s very important to us that the businesses that use our network really get a feel for what the bitcoin ecosystem can do, not only for finances but for traffic as well.

Here at BitScan, we’re really looking forward to working with Alex and his team, and seeing what kind of benefits we can deliver with our platform. Meanwhile, take a look at the San Antonio Crypto Network and check out what they’re doing!



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